News, good news, and incredibly good news for you

I have news, good news, and incredibly good news for you.

The news is, I have left my career at Ar├želik as of yesterday. I have debated working for others versus working for self in the recent months, and I have finally made up my mind: I will be an independent researcher from now on, and my main areas of interest will consist of macroeconomics, competition, and global financial markets.

The good news is, I will have more time and energy to share more in my Wealthy Mind blog. I am gearing up, I can say. Expect more thought-provoking content from me in the coming days.

The incredibly good news is, despite all that negative this and that in your life, life is so beautiful and you are alive. I wish that you live your day beautifully. Let me share with you a quote of George Carlin, the famous American stand-up comedian:
“People who see life as anything more than pure entertainment are missing the point.”