Employing talented people: Should the companies "war" for it, or should they try to avoid being "a prisoner of the talent myth"?

This is a dated, but yet, pretty interesting article of the New Yorker magazine from 2002. I was so impressed of it that I am sharing it with you.

It starts with a McKinsey research finding that the companies which are in a war to employ the "stars", i.e. the most talented people, are the most successful ones financially.

In contrary, the article gives the Enron example. It states that Enron had taken a heavy load of management consultancy from McKinsey, employed many top talents for years, but in the end, the company couldn't survive because of the uncontrollable structure.

The article concludes with the assertion that if an organisation is full of talented people who are able to -and in deed mostly- think out of the box, maybe it is the box that needs to be fixed.

Do you subscribe to the "talent myth"?