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I am Ahmet Kara, and this blog is a permanent place of mine at which I share my views on mainly two areas which are:
  1. Financial markets and the investing world. I have been "heavily infected" by the glory of global financial markets since 2006. I will be writing on issues like analytics of financial markets, how smart money flows around the world, how markets move, the meaning of investing, traders' lives and perspectives, etc.
  2. Living a healthy and wealthy life. I have a keen ambition towards researching, experimenting, and discovering new ways of living a healthy and wealthy life. I will be sharing my ramblings on these issues.
I have this blog for mainly two reasons:
  1. Refining my views while sharing them.
  2. Adding value to my audience, hence, to the society.
Please always keep in mind that I love feedback. You can reach me at

Thank you for your interest in my blog.


P.S. I've created this post on Dec.26, 2010, and edited on Oct.20, 2011.

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