Sorry, you have so little time remaining

Have you ever felt that you have so little time remaining in life?

If you are in your fifties -or even in your forties-, most probably you already know that life is too short. But what if you become aware of this simple reality in your twenties?

Yeah, it seems like the earlier you realize this, the better. You can -at least try to- organize yourself (your wishes, responsibilities, and whatsoever), and then live your life accordingly. It seems like this insight is a gift given to you – and in your youth.

What about the unpleasant feeling -which is always with you- that you have so little time remaining? How to cope with this? Is this the price of gaining that insight?

Life is too short. We have a very limited number of years, winters, even Saturdays left, and the clock keeps on ticking. It will surely end in the twinkling of an eye. Whatever we do, we can not change this simple and naked reality.

However, we can try to live our remaining lives well-organized: In wealth of health and peace, having wonderful relations with family and friends, good for the society and our world.

Starting from today.

Happy new year.

Linkedin’s new “open groups” -- A comparison with the "closed" ones

I would like to elaborate on Linkedin's new “open groups” concept at this post.

Up to now, Linkedin groups had been built in such a way that, if you had wanted to be able to see the content of a group and participate, you should have subscribed to both Linkedin and that particular group. This way, all groups on Linkedin platform had been “closed” groups, serving exclusively to their members.

This week, Linkedin has launched open groups: Groups which anyone and everyone can read and participate (participation rules depend on group settings, though). In open groups, you don’t have to be a member of the group to see its content. You don’t even have to be a Linkedin user. Open groups are blog-like platforms at which members (plus maybe the readers, depending on group settings) are authorized as authors.

For approximately 800,000 already existing groups, it is up to the group owner to switch his/her group to an open one. But careful, once the switch is done, there is no turn in back.

Which one is better? To stay as a closed club serving exclusively to the members, or to become an open platform with no or little membership requirements?

The answer may depend on the function of the group, but in my opinion, open groups will overwhelm closed ones in most of the cases. Here is my reasoning:
  1. With open groups, the discussions are fully indexed by the search engines, and this means, your discussions may be receiving many visitors from relevant web searches. All you have to do is to try to have thorough, clean, and “search-engine optimized” discussions at your group (well-named subject line, comprehensive content, correct wording, etc).
  2. With open groups, the discussions are shareable: If you like the insight and/or perspective in a particular discussion, just share it conveniently on twitter, facebook, or even on other Linkedin groups via the sharing buttons provided.
So, open groups have the gigantic power of search engines and social media with them. Open groups will help us explore unique perspectives, brilliant views, better groups.

With this perspective in mind, I have switched most of my groups on Linkedin to an open discussion groups (like my IE group, and my Emerging Turkey group).

Welcome to the blog of a wealthy mind

I am Ahmet Kara, and this blog is a permanent place of mine at which I share my views on mainly two areas which are:
  1. Financial markets and the investing world. I have been "heavily infected" by the glory of global financial markets since 2006. I will be writing on issues like analytics of financial markets, how smart money flows around the world, how markets move, the meaning of investing, traders' lives and perspectives, etc.
  2. Living a healthy and wealthy life. I have a keen ambition towards researching, experimenting, and discovering new ways of living a healthy and wealthy life. I will be sharing my ramblings on these issues.
I have this blog for mainly two reasons:
  1. Refining my views while sharing them.
  2. Adding value to my audience, hence, to the society.
Please always keep in mind that I love feedback. You can reach me at

Thank you for your interest in my blog.


P.S. I've created this post on Dec.26, 2010, and edited on Oct.20, 2011.